Friday, July 17, 2009

Linking Strategies

There are numerous methods or tactics that can be used to gain backlinks to your blog. However they are designed, these are designed by the desire to obtain traffic. Inbound links may come from article directories which have a link to your webpage or virtual property on the Web. Not only do they provide a direct link to your site or page, they also get found by the search engines; search engines like technorati and bing which output a listing of sites in its database meeting the phrases for the queries.
With a large database at their command, the search engines are the ideal places to query when needing a particular resource on the internet. Searches are performed with phrases, which target the search to the result needed. Needing to know about "viagra"? Ask MSN, now known as Bing or some other search engine|. While being found directly through a direct link is magical, its repeatability is somewhat limited which brings us to the big boys of the Web, the search engines like altavista and many others. To be quick about it, you need inlinks in order to prove to the search engines of your importance as a resource for a particular keyword. There are many ways of linking and some experts swear by reciprocal linking. Whatever the strategy, a combination of different ways might be yield better results.

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Monday, June 08, 2009

Mingaw pa's tirana

Saon na lang, I have not been to this blog for the longest time, just like Billy Joel and just  last week I saw Pabs Calo as I was going home to Tibasak which everyone knows is in Cagayan de Oro and I seemed to espy Lew Yap and probably Jimmy Marfori but I could not be sure.  It might have been on a Friday or a Saturday because everyone was out in Divisoria buying and selling stuff on the Night Market, aka Night Cafe. 

I have been working on a Prout site and it seems to stabilize a little bit but that could change very quickly if the owner changes her mind. Too much perfection can be tedious and dreary when you are just trying to make a living on the net and the other people are just trying to get perfection in a world which is skewed and unbalanced. 

Jai  has a new post and I think it is pretty good.  Some stuff as well:  rock / pop / folk video sitess that might interest the uniterested passer by. I posted a video My Immortal on another site and it might be good to check it out. 

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

In Maasin

I have been in Cagayan de Oro City for over five months now and I hardly see any of the guys of '66 with the exception of Jesse Barlisan who is always tending his billards business and store. I saw Lew Yap once, driving an Isuzu pickup and he is the same old Lew Yap except looking younger.

These past few months have seen me go to Maasin farm everyday to tend to things. There are a number of cows there and a couple of bulls to keep the cows happy. There are also a number of calves which seem to keep together that I am reminded of kindergarten.

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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Now this is a good site!

I do not mean to pat my own back. I do think this is a good site, at least Google thinks so, giving it a pr1. That may not sound like much but there is a gap of immense proportions between pr1 and pr0 and of all the websites I have made, this is one of those few that got a pr. So what? Well, it makes me feel good to see it rank a little bit above the others that I have made and I think that is good enough.

I should get more pictures in these pages, if I could get one. Maybe I should make another site which could do more than just have me doing everything to make the impression of activity. What am I saying here? I am just glad for the page rank and I do not know how it got there, only Google knows.

Check out these sites :Cagayan de Oro City which recently got to page 4. Dumaguete is fine but nowhere on the search pages. Cagayan de Oro City is making me feel good.

Check out these other sites: Cebu which suddenly got a pr1, Cagayan de Oro just for fun. Moira Trinity also got a pr1.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Is there something planned for December?

I should have been in Cagayan de Oro by now but things have not progressed as quickly as I had expected and I am still plodding away at my computer as always. There are always hitches and glitches but such is the story of my life. However, I never get stuck for very long because I never accept being bogged down by this little thing called life, for very long at least. Cagayan de Oro City is fine and will surely wait for me to be there. I think that it will be soon. I had a really big roadblock which I just recently unblocked. Still, when I do get there, what will be in store for me in Cagayan de Oro City? Maybe nothing, as usual.
There was talk of the High School Chapter Homecoming in December, I wonder what the exact date is. Somebody knows for sure but who's telling? I have a few things lined up and they are as always, new things. I now realize that if something needs to be done right, you have to do it yourself and this is just what I have done, done it myself. I guess a lesson learned late in life is still lesson learned. I just cannot get over the fact that this is the fact of life as far as my life is concerned.

Our favorites are: Ching's World, Green Tea, Dumaguete, Cebu City, Cagayan de Oro City, Papoy, Moira Trinity Cagayan de Oro, Dumaguete, Cebu are all in the Philippines in the world of Ching.

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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Is XUHS 1966 All Tired Out?

A certain observation has been made not just a few times when I was in Cagayan de Oro that people do not go to meetings anymore. The sentiment seems to be that nothing ever happens except drinking and talking. Of course, everyone enjoys the company but nothing significant seems to be happening. A few attempts were made to get a project going but nothing has come of any of it. Is the class all tuckered out? Are we facing the sunset? I would be afraid to answer that. I wonder what will come out of the December Homecoming scheduled by the High School Chapter of the XU-AAA? I would like to be there when it happens. Will XUHS 1966 be meeting? Or, are we just be going our own way? Quo Vadis XUHS 1966?

Come in and take a look at these sites: Bethel Guest House, The Blog Bum, XUHS, XU-AAA.

I will surely try to be there in December and promote Ching's World as always. There is nothing like Ching's World and I am confident it will grow. Cagayan de Oro needs it.

This is Ching's World, Cagayan de Oro City, Cebu City, Dumaguete, Papoy, Moira Trinity. There is a lot to be found in these pages. Come in and enjoy.

Ching's World is here and will stay. Come to Ching's World.

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Friday, September 14, 2007

In Cagayan de Oro City

I have been fortunate enough to have been to Cagayan de Oro City a few times these past two months and I got to attend the XU-AAA Alumni Homecoming. Do I understand it correctly that the High School Chapter is holding another Homecoming in December? What is going on? What is happening?

The XUHS Class of 1966 did attend the August Homecoming as represented by Romy Gabriel, Jessie Barlisan, Roy Baltazar, Farley Sheng, Pabs Calo, Jimmy Marfori, Ching de la Serna and Adelo Bajao. As usual, Adelo has his shitload of anal jokes which frankly I hope he grows out of for reasons of taste.The night before, Mario Reyes came to Jessie's house where we had lots of laughs.

Ching's World, Cagayan de Oro City, XU-AAA, XUHS Class of 1966.

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